Our Farm Harvests More Than 200 Varieties Of The Freshest Produce From June Until Mother Nature Says We Are Finished





Pricing 2018



    18 Week  June 19th - Oct.20th


* Full Produce Share        $750.00

* 1/2 Produce Share         $400.00

* 1/4 Produce Share         $225.00


If the harvest season starts before the June 19th or extends past October 20th, we will invite our shareholders to come to the LEAF and purchase extra weeks on a per week basis at a discounted rate.


  It’s all up to mother nature


  We will do our best to supply our shareholders as far beyond our 18 week share as possible with the freshest, best   tasting , nutrient rich produce as the season allows.


We will always try to use our own produce first, but to insure that you receive the best useable selection, we may bring in produce from neighboring farms.





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